Ministries We Support

C.I.A. – Christians In Action

C.I.A. is a ministry of Avondale church of Christ that consists of young adults and college age members. This ministry seeks to assist young adults and college age kids in their spiritual growth through monthly fellowship and service projects. C.I.A. meets every third Friday of the month for food, fun, and fellowship. On the third Sunday of every month, C.I.A. provides service in some sort of capacity, whether visiting the sick or doing chores for some of our elderly members.

T.N.T. – Tuesdays & Thursdays

T.N.T is a summer program designed for ages 5 through 13 (nursery is available also). T.N.T meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 1pm and serves as an educational agenda while providing a Christian environment. Children engage in age-appropriate classes in the areas of Bible, Math, Language Arts, as well as Spanish, Sign Language and Black History. Breakfast and lunch are provided also.

V.B.S – Vacation Bible School

Avondale church of Christ’s V.B.S ministry offers an opportunity for children, teenagers, and adults to come together and learn about Jesus Christ. Our nightly V.B.S program is held annually during the month of June.

The V.B.S program has grown tremendously and evolved over the years. V.B.S provides an adventure in learning about His Word, as there are activities that include games, stories, crafts, snacks, singing, and Bible study. The V.B.S theme and Bible lessons leave an everlasting impression upon the attendees, helping them apply all that they have learned to their daily lives. Many of us find ourselves singing V.B.S songs in our cars, at work and home, long after V.B.S has ended. The high-energy songs and classroom instruction are opportunities for students to learn Bible-based teachings and engage in life application lessons. Therefore, the V.B.S curriculum is fun and educational for students, as well as adults, and also includes outreach for the church. Many children and adults from the community attend V.B.S each year. As a result, V.B.S provides an opportunity to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who may have not previously heard the Word.

S.M. Vinay Kumar and his wife, Sunitha

Vinay and Sunitha KumarThe Avondale church of Christ supports a missionary in India. His name is S.M. Vinay Kumar but we just call him Vinay. He is the minister in the Naidupet church of Christ. He is married to Sunitha. His education includes the following degrees: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Bachelor of Biblical Studies (B.B.S), and Master of Arts (M.A). He finished his Bible College Training in 1995. He worked in some secular jobs such as Quality Control Supervisor in a factory, a Teacher and Principal in the Schools and is now serving God full-time. His wife Sunitha is also well educated. She holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Bachelor of Arts (B.A), and Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). She teaches the women in Sunday school and speaks at various women’s meetings and classes. If you would like to learn more about Vinay’s work, please click the link below to access his most recent newsletter.

India Mission Work Blog

 If you are a member of the church of Christ and would like to support Vinay and his work, please use the “Contact Us” section to make your request known to the elders.