What is a Minister/Preacher?

In the Bible, the most common words used for a preacher are minister [diakonos – servant] (1 Timothy 4:6), preacher [kerux – herald of divine truth] (2 Timothy 1:11), and evangelist [euaggelistes – proclaimer of good news] (2 Timothy 4:5). The description of the gospel preacher is clearly shown in the texts of First and Second Timothy and Titus.

The preacher’s work can be summarized in 2 Timothy 4:1-5. Preachers are to “preach the word”. Preaching the Word is comprised of charging others by explaining their roles and functions within the Lord’s church and their responsibility to each other in relationships, i.e. men and women, older women and younger women, older men and younger men, servants and master.

Gospel preachers must not allow false teaching to go unchallenged but be militant and vigilant, stopping the mouths of those who would pervert the gospel truth.

Faithful proclaimers of God’s truth must be men of prayer, praying for all men everywhere. His prayer must be for Christians to live peaceable lives.

Gospel preachers must not only teach and encourage others to godliness, but he must also be an example of that which he preaches. Preachers must show their faith by being examples in the areas of word, conversation, charity, spirit, faith, and purity. The gospel preacher must endure hardness and must not allow the temptation of shameful gain to cause him to compromise truth. Gospel preachers must uphold the truth of the Word and be instant in season and out of season and speak things of sound doctrine.